Friday, 26 April 2019

7 Amazing Tips You Should Read Before Building Custom Homes

Whether it was our forefathers, our parents or us- every generation has a deep down desire build their home their way. While our grandfathers preferred building big homes, the millennial prefers a smaller home or an apartment equipped with all the latest amenities. But building a custom home can be a daunting task.

It requires careful planning, a lot of hard work and efficient labour to build your dream home. If done correctly, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience; else it might be a never-ending nightmare. Building your own home gives you the opportunity to customize as per your tastes and needs; catering to the present as well as future requirement.

Building a home requires hard earned money along with time and energy; making it a very stressful and emotional experience. Thus, you have to carefully plan and execute the process, so as to avoid major costly errors while building your custom home.

Here are 7 Amazing Tips to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

1.) Plan well in Advance

Planning is the most important part of the construction process. A house is an investment which is meant to last forever. It’s wise to plan as per the future when building a custom home. Whether your family is growing? Etc. Such questions determine what kind of home a person is looking for.

  • It ensures things run smoothly
  • Gives an overview before you go deeper
  • Helps in translating the flaws on paper

With the help of architects, transform your dreams into reality.

2.) Have a proper Budget

The cost of building a custom home is not a cheap process. Thus, it’s important to handle on costs from the beginning. Once you have a plan, get quotes from the different builders.

You need to keep a budget for unforeseen circumstances as well. Builders might not include a few expenses-

  • Electrical and gas meters
  • Cable hook-ups & window coverings
  • Fences and gates

These are known as finishing costs which leads to an increase in the budget at the end.

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3.) Choose the Right Builder

It is the most important decisions to be made in the home building process. You will be working with for many, many months. It is important to get the choice right that helps to head off problem down the road.

Factors to be considered when choosing a builder-

  • Credentials:  Ensure builder possess required licenses and adequately insured. Also, make sure the builder is a member of the recognised National Association of home builders.
  • References: Were the previous customers satisfied? Check the houses the builder has constructed in the past. Always ask the builder for references before signing a contract.

4.) Carefully Read and Understand the Agreement

It is always advisable to read the contract carefully with your builder and understand its contents. It doesn’t surprise you the costs covered or not during building construction.

  • Specifies a timeframe for construction as per your needs
  • Check it includes all information like detailed plans, warranty and insurance
  • Pay attention to the payment schedule

Before signing, it is wise to have a lawyer look over the contract. This ensures the contract is well documented and mutually agreed upon.

5.) Know what you’re entitled to

Whether you’re building your custom home or an environmentally-friendly structure, you are entitled to grants depending on where you live. Speak with your mortgage lender or local council to explore credits and rebates. This eventually offset the cost of your home.

6.) Don’t skimp on labour

The expense of building a custom home is not an excuse to skimp on the labour. A team with dedicated skills bring a home together, right from all the architects to the decorators.
Sloppy building work could cause problems which you might never get rid of. Poor communication leads to setbacks, delays and inflated costs.

Always ensure your contractors are two-way communicators. Be comfortable to discuss the issues you come up with.

7.) Know your Right if Anything goes Wrong

To lay the groundwork for smooth operation-
  • Plan to renovate your home ideas well
  • Budget appropriately
  • Signed the right builder and lender
If anything goes wrong, there are a number of channels to lodge a complaint against builders. Each state has its own process for handling building complaints.

With the above tips, build your custom home and turn your dream into a reality. Building custom homes can be a joyful and exciting experience. With the day and age people are living in, they are much more aware and able to customize their home and enjoy it with present and future generations.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Order Sanghi Cement Online in Ahmedabad

Cement is the basic foundation of any architectural structure. It is the major construction material without which nothing can be built. India is the second largest producer of cement in the world. With large infrastructures coming all around India, the demand for cement is also rising.

There are many types of cement used for different purposes and applications. The cement price list varies and based on the various attributes-

•    Versatility
•    Strength & durability
•    Fire resistance
•    Easy availability

The growth of the cement industry shows an upward curve continuously without going down. There are plenty of brands available in the market.

With so many options available, it is very difficult for consumers to make a choice. The selection needs to be done carefully on the basis of your requirements. It depends on various factors and budget plays a big role.

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The specifications of the cement play an important role while buying cement online in India. High quality or high strength cement is always preferable. The consumers must know about the benefits they get with high-quality cement.

Sanghi cement fulfils all the requirement of consumers without compromising on quality. Buy Sanghi cement online at an affordable price and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Low strength cement is prone to damage owing to environmental factors. The structure built will neither be safe for the residents to live in nor it will survive a long time. Sanghi cement is strong and durable with minimum variations. It provides safety and security to its residents for a lifetime.

Buy high-quality Sanghi cement online in Ahmedabad for construction of your home, office or any other structure. They are one of the most trustworthy cement providers company in the market at affordable prices.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Remodelling Company

Having your own home is the best decision a person takes. One can remember so many joyous moments while living with the family under one roof. With time, due to regular wear tear, your home might not look as great as it was earlier. As the home is so close to heart, people often consider remodelling their home. Remodelling requires a huge financial investment and one should prepare for the process before starting the project.

Home remodelling contractors can help you in making the project successful. A contractor can make or break your project. Thus, it’s important to hire the right contractor for your work. Finding the right contractor will determine-
  • Quality and timeliness of the work
  • The amount of emotional and financial stress to deal
To make sure you get the best work from a contractor, ask a few questions before hiring a home remodelling company.

(#) What is your business background and how experienced you are?

While hiring a contractor you would want to get an idea of their business history. You would not want your home to be a training ground for someone who is trying to learn the business.

These are a very usual question, so don’t worry about asking-
  • How long they are working in the remodelling industry
  • How long they have been running a remodelling company
  • Ask other customers about their experiences
It is important to confirm that the contractor holds the relevant experience in this. Check for references that have had projects similar to yours.

(#) Are contractors licensed? Ask them to provide proof of their general liability insurance?

It is important that contractors are fully insured and capable of covering any accidents or mishaps which might occur while working. Holding a contracting license doesn’t mean that they are insured as well.

General insurance protects your home from damage brought on to your property by contractors. For protection, ask for a copy of their insurance certificate and check the expiration dates. For verification of insurance details, call the issuing authority.

(#) What is a timeline for the home remodelling project? Will contractors be able to document a schedule?

Ensure contractors are as specific as possible and reasonable. Unexpected problems might arise as the project starts, an experienced contractor must provide a decent timeline for project completion.

Always have a schedule that outlines tasks and their completion.
  • Provides the sequencing and deadlines
  • Ensures that the project is going as per the plan
Be aware that renovations take longer than planned. The best home remodelling company gives contractors that stick to the schedule throughout the job.

(#) Will contractor take care of getting all the required building permits?

Some extra cost and additional time are required for obtaining building permits. In the real world, the contractor would do all this.

Contractors being experts handle this process and set up the inspections. This ensures that the work runs smoothly and complies with regulations.

It is advisable to be part of inspections as it guarantees that everything happens correctly. This will ensure that you are aware of what changes or corrections are required.

(#) How much this project will cost?

Always get costs associated with your contract in writing. Ensure that the estimates are detailed so that while comparing everything matches.

Be aware any quote might be significantly lower than the rest as it may not include all building materials and labour. It might happen that you receive a significantly higher estimate than others. This means that the other contractors are missing a key barrier required to complete the project.

It’s better to have a conversation face to face with the contractor rather than phone or email. This will help you in ironing out any differences and will help in making your point clear across the table.

It’s important to do thorough research and ask the right questions before you hire a contractor. As you will be working with the contractor for months for remodelling your home, asking the right questions will go a long way in getting desired results.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Selecting Best Windows Style for Your Home

Since the time man is building house, windows have been an integral part of the architecture. Windows have evolved over centuries. The ones which are there in homes now are quite different from how windows were during grandparent’s time. Windows give an elegant look to your home and the style of the home is enhanced by the right windows. Choosing the best windows for the home can be a tough nut to crack.

Windows just not only reflect house architectural style but also help with the ventilation. They complement the interior of a house and let you enjoy the view; whether warm sunlight or drizzling raindrops.

Whether you’re designing your new home or considering changing the current windows – below is the guide for choosing windows style for your home.

#) Choose windows which reflect home’s architectural style

Homes consist of an architectural style that makes them unique. Choose the best windows style idea which matches design aesthetic. Windows come in different styles with different purposes. Consider light and ventilation whether it’s a modern or contemporary style home.

1.) Casement windows

These are hinged on either the left or right and allow the glass panes to swing out like doors.

2.) Awning windows

These are better versions of casement windows which swung out like a tent. It prevents the rain from entering the house.

3.) Horizontal sliding windows

It can open left or right and can also be lifted out for easy cleaning.

4.) Fixed pane windows

It does not open and is only used for increasing lights inside the house.

Adhere to your home’s architectural style for effective results.

#) Colourful window frames and materials

Depending on the colour and style of architecture of home choose your window materials as per the exteriors of your home. The widely used window frames-

1.) Vinyl

It is affordable and requires low maintenance. Vinyl is durable and provides good moisture resistance.

2.) Aluminium

It is strong, affordable, needs low maintenance and a big conductor of heat & cold.

3.) Wood

Although it is expensive but looks very good. It insulates well and expands & contracts as per weather conditions.

4.) Vinyl-clad wood

A premium alternative and provides best of both- the beauty of a wood interior and low maintenance of vinyl exterior.

#) Choose best accent colours

Curb appeal plays the biggest role while choosing an exterior window colour. There are a lot of options available, but ultimately a colour must compliment the rest of the house and enhances the overall look.

Interior is something that will blend seamlessly with the interior décor. Although white is common but black is modern and sophisticated which usually work in homes.

#) Select the right window for the amount of ventilation required

One of the most essential purposes of a window is to the let ventilation and movement of fresh air in and out. Choose a window which suits your needs which will help in determining the type of window.
Many rooms require operable windows which can be opened and closed as needed. Fixed windows cannot be opened and are generally used in large areas. Usually, many homes consist of both types of combination.

#) Determine the orientation of the sun

While designing your home with the assistance of an architect or contractor consider the sun rising and setting. Depending on the geographical location of your home can create either late day sun or unwelcomed rising sun.

Due to this house doesn’t heat or cool naturally during seasons which lead to higher utility bills.

#) Cost of windows

It is important to consider the return on investment while buying anything for a house. Windows have a huge impact on your overall home’s value. If you buy cheap material windows, you’re only ripping yourself off. The windows must be-
  • Energy efficient
  • Provides UV protection 
  • Assures warranty
Don’t forget to replace old windows while remodelling your home.

With newer manufacturing and design practice, various kinds of windows are being launched in the market, which caters to everyone’s need. If you are looking to buy windows at an affordable and reasonable price, buy windows online in India. Doing thorough research and a realistic budget will help you in choosing the perfect window for your home.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Today's Tiles Price List in India

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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Spalling Of Concrete: Tips for Repairing Spalled Concrete

Spalling Concrete is a common issue in older buildings. Spalling is an area of a concrete surface that has become pitted or flaked. The signs of spalling are rough or flaky surface and breaking of some concrete chunks. It can sometimes extend to the top layers of reinforced steel as well.

Spalling of Concrete is extensively caused by carbonation i.e. presence of salt in the concrete, a natural deterioration process. The steel bars embedded in the ceiling slab corrodes, which leads concrete cover to crack and bulge. The damage of concrete is caused due to-
  • Poor installation
  • Exerting stress on the surrounding concrete
  • Environmental factors
Spalling concrete affects a wide variety of structures including concrete framed buildings, multi-storey car parks, bridges, tanks, etc. It has a wider range of consequences in terms of health and safety, structural integrity and asset value. Therefore, it is important to get the concrete spalling issues fixed at the earliest.


1.) Corrosion of Embedded Reinforcing Steel

As corrosion products occupy more volume than the original steel. The excess pressure exerted spalls the concrete.

2) Changes in Weather Conditions

As weather changes, the concrete expands which results in spalling and thereby deteriorates the surface area.

Spalling concrete repair is based on the severity of the damage, type and location of the concrete structure. There are a number of solutions that can be applied depending on the severity of the condition.

3.) Clean The Spalled Concrete Area

To perform a successful repair, ensure the concrete is removed about 1.5 inches deep. Then, remove and clean the debris before commencing the repair. It could be cleaned with water but the excess water should be removed with the help of a sponge. Heavy stains and dirt could be cleaned properly with the help of a pressure washer or vacuum.

Before applying the compound, the surface should dry up completely. Remove any loose spalling concrete as it may lead to injury to anybody.
  • Remove loose and broken concrete from the area with the help of hammer and chisel.
  • For even and proper surface, shot blasting or grinding may be required.
  • A hollow sound is a sign of deteriorated concrete and requires repairing spalled concrete.
  • Always cut the rectangular part of the concrete so that patching could be done easily.

4.) Apply Mixture At The Area Needs To Be Repaired

There are wide varieties of products available to be used depending on the size of the repair and its depth. The affected area can be repaired if the spalling depth is less than 1/3 of the concrete thickness. If the damage is greater than 1/3 of the concrete thickness, steel bars need to be installed.
  • The best patching material is Portland-cement-based or epoxy.
  • Ensure that the air temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for better patching results.
  • Damage on driveways, walkways and other horizontal surfaces may be repaired with a cement overlay. Once the overlay sets completely, a waterproofing membrane should be applied to stop and prevent concrete spalling.
  • Patches should be extended 4” beyond the area affected. The surface can be saw-cut in the patch area for effective results.

5.) Ensure Enough Ventilation is There

A humid environment will speed up the carbonation. To reduce the humidity in moisture-prone areas like kitchen, toilet, bathrooms, etc.-
  • Always keep the windows and doors open to let the fresh air inside.
  • With regular cleaning and maintenance, spalling of concrete will be minor
  • Spalling concrete could be easily repaired.
The most important technique that can prevent concrete from spalling is to always apply a good water sealant on the finished surface. This helps in avoiding water from entering into the concrete.

Spalls can be avoided if the concrete is managed carefully. There is a number of well-trained spalling concrete contractors available who can do necessary repairing professionally. With the help of advanced techniques and technologies, spalling concrete treatment can be completed on time, efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

Monday, 8 April 2019

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