Friday, 16 November 2018

Difference Between Vitrified, Double Charged and Digital Floor Tiles

Homes are central to the quality of lives we build for ourselves. Our families, our ambitions, our memories – everything is built and reflected in the homes we built for ourselves. Hence, it is no surprise that most of the home owners pay meticulous attention to the details of their house like the amenities, the pain job, the engineering and even the landscape. That said, several home owners often forget an important part of their home – the tiles.

The tiles may seem to be a dull part of the home, but they have an aesthetic as well as pragmatic purpose. On one hand, the help you add character and a finishing touch to your décor and at the same time, they are supposed to be functional and have the qualities you require such as smooth surface or low maintenance or waterproofing or anything else you desire.

Hence, it is extremely important to be aware of the tiles you select. Now, at its surface selecting the tiles you choose for the floor might look like an easy decision, but you can make a more informed decision by knowing the right things. To start with, there are three types of tiles you should know about:

1. Vitrified Tiles:

These type of tiles can be a great substitute to your granite or marble options. This type of tiles gets its name because of the process of vitrification, under which a material turns into a form of glass (non-crystalline amorphous solid). Their porosity, meaning the density of their holes, is next to non-existent; this nearly non-porous nature makes these tiles waterproof and frost resistant. Hence, these tiles can have a wide range of applications from kitchen to outdoors and even in the indoors.

A great quality of this type of tiles is their sturdy built quality, which makes them scratch resistant and low maintenance. This makes them perfect for usage in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. Additionally, they have a very uniform texture and design. Since this type of tiles have such high qualities, it tends to be relatively costlier than the ceramic or the porcelain versions of the same.

2. Double Charged Tiles:

These are a cost effective version of the vitrified ones. A simple glance through the market will show that these tiles are the most widely used ones. They are named double charged because they are built by combining two layers of tiles, hence giving a thick output. These tiles are great for commercial purposes since they are scratch resistant and can handle heavy weight once installed and have an easy installation process as well. At the same time, these tiles are great for residential purposes as well since they are low maintenance and have a long lifetime. The only limitation with these tiles is the availability of designs, since most of the designs available are pretty common. That said, for the cost they bear, they are a great buy for any home developer or renovator.

3. Digital Floor Tiles:

This type of tiles gets its name from the process under which designs are layered over the tiles. Popularly, they are referred as glazed vitrified tiles. Essentially, these tiles are also a type of vitrified ones, except, the printing process allows them to take up any design, irrespective of how complex it is, on to its surface. Additionally, these tiles also offer an option to have textures like wood, bamboo or stone.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Waterproofing: Types of Waterproofing Methods for Buildings

Imagine – buying a great laptop for your business. You use this laptop for all your business purposes – writing emails, making decks and updating spreadsheets. Since it is so important for you, you take great care of it – you charge it now and then, clean it with a soft cloth, punch the keys as smoothly as possible. You believe you are taking great care of it and in return, it will take great care of your work. Suddenly, one day, you find a virus in your system which corrupts every single file you have had and creeps through all your data. Not getting waterproofing done, is equal to not putting a solid antivirus system in your laptop.

Simply taking care of your construction project is not enough; you have to actively take up steps that help you waterproof your building. Waterproofing simply means any methodology you execute to save your construction project from water infiltration or leaks. Now, depending on your construction project and the needs for waterproofing itself, there can be the following broad types of waterproofing methods:

1. Preventive Measures. 

These are measures you take for new projects in order to prevent any water leaks through the structure and walls in the future. There are several ready made solutions available like Dr Fixit Waterproofing which can be helpful here. You simply apply the coat of the product or the construction chemicals as an added layer and continue with the construction. 

If you are not looking for specific branded solutions, you can simply get in touch with a construction chemicals supplier who can provide you with an entire cohort of materials for waterproofing your entire house. Remember, waterproofing is not just for a specific corner of your ceiling but is meant to cover floors, walls and even adjacent corners in the house.

2. Structural Measures.

Unlike preventive measures where you simply coat a chemical or an extra layer of a solution, structural measures require more planning in terms of construction and design itself. What you do is look at the possible loopholes in the design while keeping in mind the climatic conditions and water flow in the region and then take special precautions or redesign these areas to immune them from any possible leaking in the first place. Such measures may include re-installing new plumbing systems, redesigning the project’s drainage and plumbing to keep it out of the sensitive areas and several other engineering design methods.

3. Repairing Measures. 

Finally, these are the measures you take once you have already diagnosed a leak in the project or the building. You attack right at the crack or the surface which is leaking and mostly put up a preventive coat. You can buy construction chemicals online for these solutions and take care of the leaks as soon as you see them.

Friday, 2 November 2018

How to Sell Wall Tiles Online with eConstructionMart

Selling tiles online can open a lot of opportunities for the sellers because of the fact that they can showcase and sell their products to a wider range of potential clients. But it is a competitive world online and sellers need to display that they are best in offering the latest wall tiles and the best installing services. Follow the steps in this guide to step up your game in selling tiles online successfully.

1.) Help your customers visualize:- This is where you are required to do the idea generation about what will go on the internet. You need to create a portfolio of the work you have done so far to impress your clients when they see your listings online. You should have ample knowledge to share with your clients online and create a desire where they want to buy your product.

2.) Research with the designers:- Enquire about different tiles which appeal to their customers aesthetically. If they say they like bathroom tiles to be bright in color, ask for reference pictures and share it with your clients while offering them services. Mention about the designer collaboration which they can be offered if they are taking overall services from you.

3.) Form business opportunity with the existing builders:- Online you can also find a lot of builders who would be ready to give bulk orders for their new properties or even existing ones which would go up for sale and need minute changes. For example-the bathroom floor tiles have been stained after years of usage, you can take up that as opportunity as well. 

4.) Create a picture gallery:- This is a very important step because when the person is scrolling through your pictures, it is going to give him more information about your brand and services and add to you being a genuine seller and not a fraud online. It’s a wonderful opportunity to display your before and after pictures to potential customers. For example, how you changed the entire look of the room by placing patterned wall tiles where the wall paint always faded away because of leakage in rainy season. 

5.) Hire the best installers:-The work must be performed by the best to keep your credibility in the market and for more business opportunities. So, hire the best and publicize them on your online platform.

These steps will surely assist you in successfully selling tiles online on eConstructionMart.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Evergreen Textures & Colours To Accentuate Your Home

Who doesn’t love to revamp their place and accentuate the beauty of their houses? But as a layman, we wouldn’t be knowing the actual trends and wouldn’t have full knowledge of the fabrics and patterns available in the market which we could use to interior design our places on our own. But let’s break the myth for you. You just have to discover your aesthetic by categorizing your choices in one of the broad categories we have for you.

  1. Earthy effervescence – The earthy vibe is mostly created in this look by making the aura of the entire room more soothing and calming by using more subtle and neutral home decor color ideas like beige, ivory, taupe synchronizing it with more leather and wood materials for the furniture and bringing in a pop of color by having botanical and ceramic accessories.  Lastly,  never forget the fifth wall, which is the ceiling, it also helps to add to the effect and highlight the earthy tones present on the other four walls. 
  2. Modern Minimalistic - Here, the approach is to keep up the sophistication and be very contemporary and have a charm in the items you use. The less is more in this situation. You have to buy wall paints which are very basic, you don’t have much of a choice. Either its blacks or greys in various shades. So, the idea is to keep the background dark and minimalist, so it cannot have a decorative wall décor or bright colors. So, to bring jazz to the room, we use lighter shades in the furniture and décor pieces. Mirrors and metallic finish items lift up the darker shades in the room and rich fabrics like silk, fur, and velvet add the richness and sophistication in the room.
  3. Rustic romance - The palette used on the walls are subdued with white or cream shades. The idea behind this look is to make the room look more airy and elegant. To balance the color scheme which seems very neutral, rough and heavier textures are used often. Talking about the fabrics which have to be pretty simple and soft without prints which can also be a statement piece in the room. Mostly, earthy fabrics like jute or linen are preferred and are also very comfortable to use and maintain.
  4. Nautical Explorer - The nautical palette comprises of shades of blue and white mostly. But this concept has no boundaries, it lets you choose from greens, reds, greys mixed with white or any lighter tones. Yes, you are allowed to experiment the most in this look even with lights, patterns or any expert wall designer idea you might have and wherever you wish to add according to your aesthetic. You can be an artist and use colors and textures the way you like, and become an interior designer yourself.
These are just some basic looks can keep in your mind while designing your room. You can stick to one which you like or you could mix up two or three options together to match your aesthetic.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Helpful Tips for Finishing Construction Projects Profitably

Construction as an industry is pivotal to the entire economy. Where else can you get to create jobs, grow the economy and yet add to the aesthetic development of a region? Construction business in itself runs on enormous scales and irrespective of it being a project undertaken by a renowned international player or by a local builder, it has a ton of risks in terms of capital and human life itself.

Maximum of the people in construction project management are busy simply getting everything on schedule and reducing damages. If you look closely, is that all a construction project manager or a real estate builder is supposed to do? At the end of the day, it is a business and it has to focus on the bottom line, the profits.

If you are in the real estate business by any means and involved with the process of construction, here is a set of helpful construction tips that will not only make you run your construction business more effectively but also more profitably. Instead of giving generic advice like be proactive, lead from the front, always vouch for customer satisfaction – this guide gives will equip you with specifics: 

1. Get your partners on board before you bid for projects. This is the fundamental to any construction project. You feel it is generic? Read further and you may know otherwise.

This process starts with identifying your key partners – your financiers, your lawyers, your professional building designers and architects, your contractors, your own business partners and obviously your clients. Most of the leaders in successful construction business know this – they have to have a very clear picture of how the project is supposed to turn out and they know with equal clarity how to get there. The only thing then remaining is getting your partners to agree on the same.

For instance, you are working on a residential project and are about to finance it with debt. Now, your building construction financing partner, which would usually be a bank should know exactly how you plan to monetize your project and be supportive of your initiatives. Are you getting corporate clients on board, adding advertising space in the premises, renting the apartments instead of only leasing or selling them out and any customer benefits you plan to give – instead of only catering to the fiduciary responsibilities, take your investors and financiers with you in the entire journey of finishing a project. This will only reinstate their belief in you and your project.

2. Have an end-to-end project plan made and give it to every team member. Once the partners have been taken care of, the next line of command comes with the people who will be executing the project – your line managers. Perception can be an obnoxious pain point if everyone is looking at the same project from a different angle. Are you putting emphasis on cost cutting or are you supposed to deliver a premium product? Are we adhering only to the zonal guidelines or do we want to comply with international standards? Have every facet of the plan covered and distribute the entire plan to each decision maker in the team. This would keep a system of checks and balances between different teams.


3. Use an advanced construction project management software. Several construction businesses running straight out of spreadsheets. Spreadsheet is an amazing tool but it is not meant to give you specific or customized insights for your project. Hence, get an end to end construction management software which will take care of fluid information flow and give you required analytics at the tip of your fingers. A construction management system will help you identify the key laggards in the system and help you with operational process improvements.

4. Conduct stress testing for all facets of your project and be prepared for alternate scenarios. Understand everything that is at risk with each construction project – capital, flora & fauna of a region and human life itself. Are you installing any special processes to manage these systemic risks?

Most of the project managers believe that adhering to the government guidelines and industry standards will keep their project secure, but most of the times when there is a problem on the sight – they are facing it unprepared. An intelligent thing to do here would be to stress test every single facet of your project including the design, material’s strength, efficiency of the sourcing company, labour’s work-hour routine, etcetera. Once you have stress tested them, look at each component and imagine what if everything that can go wrong here, actually goes wrong? You will be automatically prepared even when the smallest of the things go wrong on site and your focus will be on delivering the project in its truest form, instead of troubleshooting round the clock.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Plastic Paint and Royale Paint: Which one is better for your home?

Are you planning to revamp your place? It has been years since that drawing room has the same old look your guests are tired of seeing. Why don’t you add some interesting colors to your walls to give it an entirely new look?

Since you have decided to paint those walls, you might have some questions which bother you, on how to get started?

Let’s narrow it down. There are widely two different types of paints which you would want to consider for painting your house. The first one is Plastic Paints and the other one is Royale Paint. Plastic paints are nothing but emulsions which give a matte like finish to the walls and are washable paints. Royale paints are a range of luxury paints which will offer a completely new look to your house walls and are pretty much used in each household to lift up the house energy with the variety of color ranges and subcategories within it.

To understand and compare in a detailed manner which one would be suitable for your homes and would fit into your requirements, let us further discuss the main points of difference between the plastic paints and the royale paints.
  • Affordability- Royale paints are definitely for those with a high budget. But at the price point, it does claim to smooth, easy to clean and extremely durable painted surface. The plastic paints, on the other hand, do have much better properties like they are washable and durable, and are good for most parts of the houses like kitchens and bathroom which are more humid places in the house. So for the benefits offered this can be a better option for the price charged.
  • Wash-ability- Royale paints do allow surfaces to be cleaned which are very regular surficial stains and marks with a wet cloth but it is not fully washable like the plastic paints. The plastic paints assure that you are able to clean any stubborn stains or marks and have a flawless looking wall all the time. 
  • Durability- it is guaranteed that the walls painted with royale paints would last you 7-8 years. The Plastic Paints with its highly durable properties which makes the paints tough are stain proof and also easy to cure last a long time. Plastic Paints are made of pure acrylic latex and high opacity micro-pigments which also makes them water resistant.
  • Variety- Those looking for being surprised by the options they can choose from should consider royale. They have shine, matte. Luxury, Aspira, etc in their range. 
  • Eco- friendly- Royale paints have less VOC i.e. volatile organic compounds are present in the form of chemical gas soluble in the air which apart from becoming solid can become liquid also. There are several chemicals mixed in VOC which exert adverse influences on the state of health. 
You can decide on wall painting services considering the given options and matching with your required budget, aesthetics, and usage.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

eConstructionMart: Buy High Quality Plywood & Veneer Wood online

Most of the times minute jobs (as we perceive them) like buying plywood and veneer for the furniture of our house is given to the carpenter who is in charge of making the furniture. We blindly trust that person’s recommendations and choices because the fact is we ourselves have the least knowledge in that area. Plus, we really are not in the mind set of going to such places and looking at each option closely and choosing wisely because the retailers would also have their own biased opinions towards their products.

To make the process easier and yet get the best plywood sheet for your furniture, we would recommend buying plywood online. By doing these few quality checks you would be assured about the quality of the product.
  • Core gaps :- You should see the plywood from the side profile of the sheets. A few small gaps (2mm-3mm) can be overlooked but if there are more it’s a warning sign that the quality of the plywood is compromised.
  • Overlapping: - The lines of different layers on the side profile of plywood should be running straight. If they overlap each other too much, it’s not good.
  • Nail holding capacity: - You should take a nail hammering test before using the plywood on the side profiles of the plywood. If the layers split on hammering, the bonding of your plywood is weak.
  • Test reports :- Any high quality plywood in India would have gone through factory lab tests and third-party lab tests of their plywood panels. You should ask for these reports from the seller to check how genuine the products are before purchasing them online.
  • Resistance to termites and borers :- A test report should be obtained from the manufacturers of the product to guarantee you the resistance the product has from termites and borers. Generally, the companies skip this step due to the high costs involved.

You can also read: Laminate vs Veneer: What is better for your furniture? 

These would be a few basic steps to keep in mind while you buy plywood or veneer wood online. These are the necessary steps you can use in checking any furniture raw material you are planning to order online. It will make the process simple, while you take an independent decision because you have enough knowledge of the product and this will make the furniture last longer than usual.